Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Vacation:

Byron will be out of town from July 4th through 16th, so no mailorder will be shipped during this time. Feel free to buy some records if you don't mind waiting a few weeks!

Monday, June 27, 2011

More Summer Stuff

-We have lot of new merch in our webstore at

-You can order all of our in-print records and CDs from us directly at

-We will be doing a short run of US shows in late august before we head to Europe again.

-We will be playing our only Chicago show of the summer on August 7th at Albion House with: Regrets, Protestant, Alpinist, and Masakari. The show will start at 6pm and cost 8 dollars.

-If you have not yet received "Worthless" from our big cartel i assure that it is coming. We had a lot of orders and Byron handles that stuff all by himself, so it can take him a few days to get everything packed up and to the post office. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer 2011 News

1. The West Coast tour with The Afternoon Gentlemen was a great success. The shows were a blast. If you missed seeing TAG, you blew it. Easily the best PV/grind band going currently and KILLER live!

2. The new LPs ("Worthless" and "2 Things at Once") are available directly from us for mailorder!!!

3. We are not playing many shows this summer. 7/29 we will play Dudefest in Indianapolis, Playing Chicago on 8/7 with Masakari, and we will be doing one midwest weekend at the end of August.

4. Our second European Tour will take place from 9/29/11 to 10/15/11. More news on that when we have it.

Thanks to everyone that gives a shit.