Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 European Tour!

hi all! we are going to be hitting the road with our friends in cancer clan (from potsdam, germany-members of cyness) in about a month. we are gonna hit a few places we played last fall and many new ones!

here are the dates:

9/28 Pottsdam, Germany Black Fleck
9/29 Berlin, Germany Koma F
9/30 Freiburg, Germany KTS
10/1 Milano, Italy Cox 18
10/2 Bologna, Italy Altanide
10/3 Lausanne, Switzerland Espace Autogere
10/4 Sursee, Switzerland Kulturwerk 118
10/5 Marseille, France Entropy
10/6 Toulouse, France Pavilion Sausage
10/7 Hendaye, France Pub Kanttu
10/8 San Sebastian, Spain Entengabeko Fest
10/9 Madrid, Spain Wurlitzer Ballroom
10/10 Valencia, Spain La Residencia
10/11 Barcelona, Spain Incivic Zone
10/12 Bordeaux, France Heretic Club
10/13 Nancy, France Soap Box
10/14 Kortrijk, Belgium Pits
10/15 Eindhoven, Netherlands Bloodshed Fest

flights were EXTREMELY expensive this year, so if you have any spare $$$ laying around please consider checking out our all-in merch shop or mailorder a record!

we have some big plans on the horizon for 2012 including more US and foreign touring and a split release with the mighty LACK OF INTEREST!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Vacation Mini-Tour

we will be doing a short run of shows from august 19-23. this will pretty much be our only activity before heading to europe in late september. come out if we are hitting your area!

8/19 Inkster, MI @ Highfive Hideout
8/20 Toronto, ON @ The Hardluck (FIRST CANADIAN SHOW EVER)
8/21 Montreal, QE @The Death House
8/22 Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Home
8/23 Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012

we recently added a ton of stuff to our all-in merch webstore. there's a link on right side of this page. check it out please!

also, our only chicago show of the summer is august 7 at the albion house w/ protestant, alpinist, masakari, and regrets. see you there!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Vacation:

Byron will be out of town from July 4th through 16th, so no mailorder will be shipped during this time. Feel free to buy some records if you don't mind waiting a few weeks!

Monday, June 27, 2011

More Summer Stuff

-We have lot of new merch in our webstore at

-You can order all of our in-print records and CDs from us directly at

-We will be doing a short run of US shows in late august before we head to Europe again.

-We will be playing our only Chicago show of the summer on August 7th at Albion House with: Regrets, Protestant, Alpinist, and Masakari. The show will start at 6pm and cost 8 dollars.

-If you have not yet received "Worthless" from our big cartel i assure that it is coming. We had a lot of orders and Byron handles that stuff all by himself, so it can take him a few days to get everything packed up and to the post office. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer 2011 News

1. The West Coast tour with The Afternoon Gentlemen was a great success. The shows were a blast. If you missed seeing TAG, you blew it. Easily the best PV/grind band going currently and KILLER live!

2. The new LPs ("Worthless" and "2 Things at Once") are available directly from us for mailorder!!!

3. We are not playing many shows this summer. 7/29 we will play Dudefest in Indianapolis, Playing Chicago on 8/7 with Masakari, and we will be doing one midwest weekend at the end of August.

4. Our second European Tour will take place from 9/29/11 to 10/15/11. More news on that when we have it.

Thanks to everyone that gives a shit.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dude Fest 2011

WN is continuing our summer tradition of playing Dude Fest in Indianapolis for the fourth year in a row! The fest is bigger than ever with FOUR days of shows. We'll be playing the Friday show with Iron Lung!

See for more info and ticket ordering.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 West Coast Tour

2011 WEST COAST TOUR w/ The Afternoon Gentlemen

5/21 Ann Arbor MI at Metal Frat
5/22 Milwaukee WI at The Doghouse
5/23 Rock Island IL at Rozz Tox
5/24 Lincoln NE at 2800 n. 48th st. w/ beartrap
5/25 Denver CO at Blastomat (w/ capitalist casualties and catheter)
5/26 Provo UT at Deathstar
5/27 Boise ID at House of the Rising Sun (w/ hummingbird of death and downsided)
5/28 Seattle WA at Neumos (Rain Fest)
5/29 Portand OR at Red and Black Cafe 400 SE 12th
5/30 San Jose CA at 416 W San Fernando St. San Jose CA 95110
5/31 Sanger CA at Puff Daddy's House 2301 Walton Ave
6/1 Los Angeles CA at Blvd (w/ nails)
6/2 Phoenix AZ at Sound Room/Shitty T-Pot (w/ magnum force and sex prisoner)
6/3 El Paso TX at Naylair 10756 Limas
6/4 Dallas TX at Phoenix Project
6/5 Liberty MO Detto's Barn 11410 NE 136th St
6/6 Peoria Heights IL at Peoria Pizza Works
6/7 Chicago IL at Albion House (Record Release Show)

All dates are with The Afternoon Gentlemen from Leeds, UK. If you have not heard them do yourself a favor and check out this zip file of mp3s

We hope to see lots of friends out on the road!

"Worthless" will be released by Deep Six on vinyl and Relapse on cd on May 17! We will have a small amount of limited pink vinyl for the tour!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Our 3rd LP "Worthless" is set to be released on May 15. Vinyl will be handled by Deep Six and CD/Digital handled by Relapse. We will have the LP on our West Coast tour with The Afternoon Gentlemen which is set to run May 21 to June 7. We will post dates as soon as everything is final.

Big thanks to everyone who helped with our shows on our East Coast tour. We had a blast.

Finally, it looks like we will be heading back to Europe in September and October to do shows with our friends in Cancer Clan. We are going to be playing a few of the same places as well as many countries we were not able to visit last fall.

Friday, March 4, 2011

East Coast Tour Is One Week Away!!!

We will be touring the eastern part of the United States starting one week from today. Here are the dates:

3/11 Chicago IL at albion house w/urban blight
3/12 Indianapolis IN at ES Jungle w/TONS of bands
3/13 Cleveland OH at The Church 1967 W. 65th St.
3/14 Braddock PA at Square One
3/15 Riverside NY at The Funeral Home 366 Ontario St.
3/16 Albany NY at Bogies 297 Ontario st
3/17 Framingham MA at The Chop Shop
3/18 Ronkonkoma NY at Hungarian Hall 2784 Ocean Avenue
3/19 New Brunswick NJ email for house show address
3/20 Washington DC at Mary Graydon Center 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
3/21 Knoxville TN at Longbranch Saloon 1848 Cumberland Ave
3/22 Atlanta GA at Archive Gallery 611 North Ave NW
3/23 Tampa FL at 4215 East Columbus Drive
3/24 Tallahasee FL at The Farside 803 railroad ave
3/25 Birmingham AL at The Firehouse 412 41st Street S
3/26 Conway AR at The Soundstage1008 oak st
3/27 Peoria Heights IL at Peoria Pizza Works 3921 North Prospect Road

Come out to a show if we are in your area!

In other news: mixing for "Worthless" is nearly complete and we are on track for the LP to be out in May.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tracking for "Worthless" is complete!

We have finished all the main tracking for our new LP! Here are a few more little teaser videos:

We are playing a show in Romeo, Michigan this coming friday with harms way, mother of mercy, and fireworks. It is the final show at the kick ass venue Static Age. Come out if you're in the area!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Worthless" Studio Day One

We started tracking our third LP, "Worthless", Sunday at Bricktop Studios in Chicago. Our guitarist, Andy, is behind the boards as usual with assistance from our good friend Pete.

Over a long day of tracking we were able to get the drums and half of the guitars finished for the 14 song record. We hope to have it out and available for everyone to hear by late spring/early summer for our West Coast tour with The Afternoon Gentlemen.

Here are two little teaser clips of the tracking we did:

Stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, February 7, 2011

WN/CBS SPLIT Available from Armageddon Shoppe


A copy of the really raw (read: shitty) 7" we did with C.B.S (Kungfu Rick, HeWhoCorrupts dude) is available for sale at the Boston Armageddon shop. This is the only place that has one for sale right now. Get your claws on it before some other mutant cops it.

Thanks to Andres for the heads up.

Or just download here:


Friday, February 4, 2011

Black Earth 7" Preorder

Preorders for our new 7" "Black Earth" are up now at the a389 website. The 7" features 2 songs that will be re-recorded for our upcoming LP on Deep Six as well as one exclusive new song and one redone "classic" that never got a proper release. We hope to have copies of the record available on our upcoming East Coast tour, but if you cannot wait, order now!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Youth Crew Snyder:

Snyder circa 199?

We're playing Static Age's last show this month

with Fireworks, Mother of Mercy, and Harm's Way.

All Harm's Way merch is free so make sure to stop by and give xBOx a big hug!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Download Our New Song!

The song is called "Black Earth." It is the title track of our new 7" that will be out in a month or so on a389 records. It will also appear on our upcoming 12" "Worthless" which will be out in the summer on Deep Six.

We will be touring the east coast of the USA in march and west coast in May/June. The Afternoon Gentlemen from Leeds, UK will accompany us on the west coast tour.

Keep on eye on this blog for updates on recordings and tour dates!